Monday, September 07, 2009

I'm ready to trade my car for a bike

Every year, New Belgium Brewery does an event called the Tour de Fat. It's a bicycle parade / party. This year, San Diego is one of 11 cities that the tour is visiting (10/3 in Balboa Park).

One of the things they do is a contest called "Trade Your Car For A Bike", whereby people can submit videos and stories of why they want to trade their car for a supremely cool custom New Belgium bike. Michele and I have flirted with being a one car family for most of our time here, and particularly since our '98 Bravada had a new transmission put in, though the shop also messed up the engine big-time.

Anyway, I just submitted a video to the fine folks at New Belgium making my petition for them to make us the bike recipients in San Diego.

Here's the video, including a shameless shot of my family on their bikes:

Here's hoping... I'll keep you updated if I hear anything.