Monday, February 01, 2010

u2 and nascar?

i keep meaning to post about this and then get distracted. i noticed the commercials during the nfl playoffs and immediately thought aloud, "!!???!!!" was that u2's "bad" in a nascar commercial? has this re-post of an la times blog with the commercial embedded:

it's just so incongruous. a song about heroin addiction turned into a nascar anthem. certainly the bad has done overtly commercial deals-a-plenty, though from what i remember it's always been attached to something like sponsoring a tour, branding the band with something innovative around a record launch, or the like. this just comes off as wholly random. 

and in contrast to that really weird bob dylan placement for victoria's secret, it doesn't even have any bizarro brand shifting concept or visuals to make you wonder what either dylan or victoria's secret were thinking. nope. just edge's guitars chiming away as cars skillfully turn left at massive speeds.

anyone else have the same head-scratching experience? should we await "bullet the blue sky" shilling the professional bull-riders' association or a ufc pay-per-view event?

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Monday, January 04, 2010

REVEALED: The 100 Most Social Brands of 2009

REVEALED: The 100 Most Social Brands of 2009

many of these make sense -major brands, some luxury items, lots of media companies. a few that surprised me:

- nutella. coming in at #42. now i've loved nutella since i discovered in overseas in '88, and don't believe there's a bad application for it's hazelnut-chocolatey goodness, but to see it come in so high here tells me that nutella loyalists must love posting about it. come to think of it, i think i may get a jar tonight.
- skittles. yes, it's a major candy brand with a boat load of advertising behind it, but it still strikes me as something that stands out. not m&ms, not other candy, but skittles. with social media growth really coming from adult audiences, what does this say about skittles?
- pringles. similar to skittles. what is happening to these brands to make them show up so high vs their junk food competition?

any thoughts?

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Ten Reasons Why it Sucks to Be the Parent

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January 03, 2010

Ten Reasons Why it Sucks to Be the Parent


Being a parent is cool. There's a whole lot of love that you get to give and receive. You get to boss a group of small people around. There's always someone whom you can tell to bring you your shoes. Or a beer. 

But there are downsides too. We all know it. I now present to you, in no particular order, ten reasons why it sucks to be the parent.

saw this link yesterday and thought it was funny, though i never had it our for candyland like the author.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Design & the hierachy of what's important

apple's design guru jonathan ive talks about mac design & unibody macbook manufacture. thanks @lefsetz for the heads up on this. remarkable for the intentionality of making things simple and intuitive. of taking 6 things and boiling them down to one. of making priorities clear by the process of design.

it reminds me of a bob dylan interview where he talked about the challenge of paring lyrics down to the absolute essentials. and it's not just in gadgets or tools or art, but in how we make clear what is important in life, in work, in our interactions. fascinating, challenging, inspiring and admonishing. a great way to spend 5.5 minutes that will burrow themselves in your brain.

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Leonard Cohen on the State of Christianity

i was happy to see this post today from the always thoughtful world of @daviddark. just yesterday michele was in los angeles with friends brian healy (aka dead artist syndrome), ojo taylor, ric alba, gym nicholson and others recording cohen's "first we take manhattan" for a das project. getting to read and ponder his thoughts was a fun part of the day today. and now i can't wait to hear what michele sang yesterday.

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Emailing tweet from: Premise (Premise Marketing)

Premise: An Accurate Perspective.. Action sports maintain a 'grassroot' despite influx of cash - Mixer |
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Thanks to the cool folks at premise for this.

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What Matters Now: Evangelism by Guy Kawasaki « Hard Knox Life – Dave Knox Brand Management blog

this is a recap of a chapter that guy kawasaki wrote for seth godin's e-book "what matters now". i've been sending them out a bit lately so i figured i'd post them, as they resonate with me so completely. enjoy.

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