Monday, February 01, 2010

u2 and nascar?

i keep meaning to post about this and then get distracted. i noticed the commercials during the nfl playoffs and immediately thought aloud, "!!???!!!" was that u2's "bad" in a nascar commercial? has this re-post of an la times blog with the commercial embedded:

it's just so incongruous. a song about heroin addiction turned into a nascar anthem. certainly the bad has done overtly commercial deals-a-plenty, though from what i remember it's always been attached to something like sponsoring a tour, branding the band with something innovative around a record launch, or the like. this just comes off as wholly random. 

and in contrast to that really weird bob dylan placement for victoria's secret, it doesn't even have any bizarro brand shifting concept or visuals to make you wonder what either dylan or victoria's secret were thinking. nope. just edge's guitars chiming away as cars skillfully turn left at massive speeds.

anyone else have the same head-scratching experience? should we await "bullet the blue sky" shilling the professional bull-riders' association or a ufc pay-per-view event?

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