Monday, January 04, 2010

REVEALED: The 100 Most Social Brands of 2009

REVEALED: The 100 Most Social Brands of 2009

many of these make sense -major brands, some luxury items, lots of media companies. a few that surprised me:

- nutella. coming in at #42. now i've loved nutella since i discovered in overseas in '88, and don't believe there's a bad application for it's hazelnut-chocolatey goodness, but to see it come in so high here tells me that nutella loyalists must love posting about it. come to think of it, i think i may get a jar tonight.
- skittles. yes, it's a major candy brand with a boat load of advertising behind it, but it still strikes me as something that stands out. not m&ms, not other candy, but skittles. with social media growth really coming from adult audiences, what does this say about skittles?
- pringles. similar to skittles. what is happening to these brands to make them show up so high vs their junk food competition?

any thoughts?

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